Address Adresa:  Raićeva 30a
City Grad       Nis
Telephone No. Br.Telefona              +381 18 52 28 12
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Internet address Internet adresa:
Contact person Kontakt osoba:        Biljana Avramović
Function within the cluster Funkcija u klasteru: Cluster Manager
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About cluster:
Cluster DUNDJER is the first civil engineering cluster with a national character in the country, with its office in Niš established in 2007 and officially registered as a non-profit organization on June 11, 2008. It gathers more than 100 members, some of which are investors, construction contractors, scientific and research centres, faculties, universities and other supporting institutions including all phases in the construction process, from designing and planning till the moment of final works completion. According to the cluster benchmarking method used by European Cluster Observatory, DUNDJER has the highest index of specialization 8,7 – the highest index of all clusters in the country. It won the first prize for the best technological innovation in 2010 at the Ministry for Science and Technological Development and became a finalist for the best annual investment AUREA 2011 for its innovation called BIOTOXINOMER. Also, it was awarded for the ON-LINE Dictionary by the Ministry of Information in 2012. All above mentioned awards are a result of collaboration between industry and scientific and research institutions enabled by DUNDJER through engaging 6 faculties of the Nis University (Faculties of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Electronically engineering, Machine Engineering, Occupational Safety, Sciences, Economics) and promoting public-private partnership model with several projects submitted for funding at the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, all of which were successfully completed. Beside national projects in energy efficiency building and construction of the first solar power plant, DUNDJER took part in international FP7 projects of introducing new methods of quality assessment, construction sustainability and development of new insulation construction material in civil engineering sector. Civil Engineering Cluster DUNDJER developed good international cooperation with technological parks from Italy, IAL FVG Italy, with civil engineering cluster from Slovenia and numerous institutes from Spain, Greece, England, Portugal, Italy and Germany.