Cluster name Naziv              GREEN BUILDING CLUSTER
Address Adresa           Obrenovićeva bb, Kalča lokal 126
City Grad               Nis
Telephone No. Telefon     +381 63 11 63 932                                Fax           +381 18 4 242 673
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Internet address Internet adresa:
Contact person Kontakt osoba:        Ivana Lukić
Function within the cluster Funkcija u klasteru: Cluster Manager
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About cluster:

Ecological cluster founded in 2011 in order to strengthen awareness on key aspects of green building. The vision of cluster is to set standards in the field of civil engineering, energy efficiency, environmental protection and green building through adequate planning, construction works, the introduction of new materials and following recent trends.

It is organized in the form of an association of 36 members:                                            15 SMEs, 5 universities and 2 research institutions, as well as 14 support institutions.

The main activities are: Information, networking, joint projects, research, training, internationalization and marketing.