Cluster name Naziv              RECYCLING CLUSTER „SOUTH“
Address Adresa           Dobricka 2, оffice 29
City Grad               Nis
Telephone No. Telefon            +381 18 41 50 134
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Internet address Internet adresa:
Contact person Kontakt osoba:        Boban Janković
Function within the cluster Funkcija u klasteru: Cluster Manager
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About cluster:

Ecological cluster founded in 2010, which works to strengthen regional cooperation in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development, combining the activities of business entities which are engaged in waste management, especially recycling on the territory of Southeast Serbia.

It is organized in the form of an association that brings together 8 companies, 2 university institutions and 2 institutions for business support.

The main activities are: Information; networking; research; joint projects; internationalization; marketing; policies. Competitive advantages: high capacity, advanced technology and specialization.