THE EMBASSY OF DENMARK IN SERBIA had a visit from Ms. Danka Milojković, the Director of the Cluster House to discuss the impact of the LEDIB programme in Southern Serbia.

The Local Economic Development in the Balkans (LEDIB) was a large-scale programme under the Danish Neighborhood programme initiated to support the promotion of growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in southern Serbia.

Based in the city of Niš LEDIB became a well-known brand during 2007-2012 due to its massive provision of technical assistance and support to small and medium-sized companies as well as to public institutions.

One of the main results was the “Cluster House”, an umbrella organization for clusters located in the vicinity of Nis. The Cluster House provides advice on e.g. management, education, communication and cooperates with clusters in the rest of Serbia and in the Balkans.

In the anniversary year in which celebrates the centenary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Serbia, H.E. Mr. Morten Skovgaard Hansen, Charge d’Affaires a.i. of The Embassy of Denmark in Serbia will visit the Cluster House Nis, one of the direct results of the LEDIB Programme, in May 2017. In this occasion H.E. Mr. Morten Skovgaard Hansen will give a lecture at the Faculty of Economics and will visit a leading company in the food processing industry in the region, YUMIS, based in Nis, one of founders of the Cluster House.