Saradnjom ESCA & Kuće klastera do klasterske izuzetnosti u Srbiji


ESCA (Evropski sekretarijat za analizu klastera), kao deo EU strategije za kreiranje više klastera svetske klase širom Evrope kroz jačanje klasterske izuzetnosti, je mreža klaster eksperata iz više od 30 zemalja širom sveta.

U okviru V Konferencije klastera Rumunije „Klasteri kao nosioci razvoja lanca vrednosti u Dunavskom region”, inicirane od strane Rumunske asocijacije klastera ClusteRo, od 5.-6.oktobra 2016.godine u Galacu, u cilju pružanja praktične podrške menadžmentu klasterskih organizacija u Srbiji na putu pridruživanja EU, ESCA je iskazala ozbiljnu nameru u pravcu produbljivanja saradnje sa Kućom klastera. Kolaboracija između ESCA i Kuće klastera radi postizanja klasterske izuzetnici u Srbiji je usmerena na dve oblasti:

  1. Promociju izuzetnosti klaster menadžmenta kroz “benchmarking” (ocenjivanje prema referentnim vrednostima) i sertifikaciju kvaliteta klastera i menadžmenta klasterske organizacije (tzv. nalepnice kvaliteta). ESCA je ovlašćena od European Cluster Excellence Initiative ECEI (Evropske inicijative za klastersku izuzetnost) da organizuje proces sertifikacije tj. ocene kvaliteta klastera.
  2. Pružanje savetodavne podrške o programima razvoja klastera donosiocima odluka i kreatorima politika/strategija o ekonomskom razvoju kroz koncept klastera.

Ozbiljnost namere ESCA potvrđena je zvaničnim dopisom 9.januara 2017.godine u kome je izraženo interesovanje da se omogući Kući klastera da ojača ulogu u razvoju klastera u Srbiji.

Kako je u periodu od 2012.-2013.godine u Srbiji bilo pet sertifikovanih klastera “bronzanom nalepnicom kvaliteta” i uzimajući u obzir izostanak sistemskog nacionalnog i regionalnog pristupa razvoju klastera, pet bronzanih klastera nije pristupilo resertifikaciji nakon isteka perioda važenja sertifikata/nalepnice o kvalitetu klastera. Trenutno u Srbiji nema klastera koji ispunjavaju uslove pristupa EU/COSME programu, jer je jedan od uslova posedovanje nalepnice o kvalitetu klastera, a Srbija je kao zemlja ispunila uslove učešća u ovom programu uplatom iznosa koji joj daje kredibilitet da institucije, organizacije i preduzeća iz Srbije mogu projektno pristupiti fondu. Kolaboracija između ESCA i Kuće klastera doprineće da srpska klasterska zajednica sazna za uslove sertifikacije kvaliteta klastera (dobijanja nalepnica o kvalitetu klastera) kroz promociju i razumevanje značaja sistema sertifikacije (obeležavanja) klasterske izuzetnosti.



The Cluster House, as an organizational member of the TCI Network, will contribute to the sustainable cluster-based economic development in the Balkan & Black Sea region through better access and transfer of the global cluster development knowledge and experience, the C2C transnational networking and the overall promotion and image improvement of the region on the global level.

As a TCI member, the Cluster House among the wide arrange of resources and communication channels, has access to the interesting content, showcase its profile, start discussions with its peers, receive last minute updates and give its feedback:

As a TCI member, the Cluster House will use the TCI channels to disseminate its news or projects among the network.

Consulting Cluster Veritas Sofia – Bulgaria

Consulting Cluster Veritas, being an active organizational Member of TCI Network since 2015, is proud to announce its participation in the official tender to host the 21st TCI global conference in 2018.

The cluster specialises in the field of Business Consultancy, and its members are well-established companies, covering the following industries:

  • Accounting, Financial, Tax and Business Consultancy
  • Information technology
  • Legal Services
  • Real Estate & Tourism
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Marketing and Event Management

Detail presentation of the services portfolio and how the members work together could be found in the Corporate Brochure –



The best way to predict the future is to create it. For the seventh time the Balkan and Black Sea Cluster Family contributed to creation of better future in the region supporting the DAYS OF CLUSTERS 2016 in Ohrid, from 22-24 September.


The City of Ohrid was the city of clusters in the Balkans 2016 providing the great opportunity to cluster actors to exchange knowledge and experience, meet each other, create new partnerships and all of those together with enjoying in Macedonian hospitality, delicious food, wine, history, nature and music.

This year’s conference gathered over 150 cluster-based economic development experts, academicians and cluster experts from the 5 continents: Asia, Australia with Oceania, North America, Africa and Europe; 27 countries had been involved in the practitioners and academic tracks preparation and implementation: New Zealand, South Korea, USA, Malawi, Australia, France, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Tunisia, Montenegro, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Check Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, BiH, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia.

One of the most important conference achievemnet is the signing of the grand transnational Agreement oN Cooperation  between the South Korea and the Balkan Black Sea Cluster Family with friends, initiated by Dr. Danka Milojkovic, Cluster House Director and the Global TCI Network Board of Directors Member. Representatives from clusters organizations from Hungary, Bulgaria, BiH, Croatia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Romania, Macedonia, Albania and Slovenia signed the MoU with the Keimyung University Daegu South Korea , Prof. dr. Geunwoo Ryu, Dean and an initiator of the Global  TCI Network Asia with Oceania Chapter. The general objective of the Agreement is bridging the transnational regions closer based on the socio-economic R&D twinning programmes development.


The candidates for the Days of Clusters 2017 are Albania, Slovenia and Hungary.

The Cluster House is looking forward to see you for 365 days in new beautiful place in the amaising BBS Region, to continue with the joint mission –  cluster synergy for happy people in the region


After the BALKAN CLUSTER DAY conference in Nis in March, on Friday 22nd
of April, the final conference of the IPA CBC BG-SER project the BALKAN
CLUSTER DAY in Sofia has been held. There were over 50 participants from
Serbia, Bulgaria and a guest from Denmark, Mr. Carsten Lund, an
international cluster expert and a president of the LEDIB CH Union.
The Conference gathered cross-border BG-SER cluster community and
supported networking between clusters in the following areas: textile,
construction, agriculture, tourism, ICT and youth entrepreneurship.

The Conference was an official closing project event. The Cluster House
will continue with maintenance of the Balkan Cluster web platform and
coordination with FED Sofia and mapped clusters in the cross boarder
region, what will have further impacts on cluster-based economic
development in the region.
Gallery from this event.


The Final Conference of the Balkan Cluster Project will take place on
Friday 22nd of April, 2016 at the Preslav Hall of the Hemus Hotel, 31
Cherni Vrah Blvd., Sofia, from 11.00 am.
The Balkan Cluster Project is co-funded by EU through the
Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme, aiming at creating a
platform for collaboration of clusters, SMEs and support institutions in
the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Serbia.
The Project is implemented by the Foundation for Entrepreneurship
Development, Sofia, in partnership with the Cluster House, Nis, the
Republic of Serbia.
The Agenda of the event is enclosed.
We sincerely believe that you would support us and would take part in
the event.
Contact person – Dotchka Rousseva, Tel.: 02/952 57 58; Mobile: 0888 974
807 ;

See you Balkan cluster family in Sofia 🙂
file icon pdf Agenda_FINAL Conference_Sofia_22_04_2016_ENG.pdf

Celebrating ten years of Textile Cluster of Kyustendil – Bulgaria

The event will be held at hotel Park in  Kyustendil on Saturday 16th of April, 2016, from 13.00h. It will start with visiting a member of the cluster – company “Vital” which is  specialized in the production of men’s and women’s trousers from 11.00h and finish with presentation of cluster’s results and cocktail at 14.00h. For more information contact the cluster manager via email mail or phone +359886533143.

The Cluster House Team wishes a happy anniversary to Textile Cluster of Kyustendil!


The Balkan Cluster Day conference was held in Nis on March 25, 2016. It gathered 48 clusters and cluster initiatives and 100 participants from public, academia and business sector from 7 countries: Italy, Montenegro, Macedonia, BiH, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia. It has been promoted by the Global TCI Cluster Network Bacelona, European cluster network ECCP Brussels, Bulgarian Dnevnik, Izmir Cluster Development and all Serbian media. Participants had opportunity to meet each other, set up partnerships for future cross border IPA and other EU and bilateral business development projects.

IMG_6378 The event was focused on clusters in tourism, textile, agro, energy efficiency,  construction and urban planning, old crafts  and youth entrepreneurship. It was opened by Dr. Danka Milojkovic,  a director of the Global TCI Board of Directors responsible for clusters in SEE and The  Balkan Cluster project manager. It had been supported by the General Consulate of the Republic of Bulgaria with the aim to  boost the CBC BG-SER economic cooperation and a high representative of the Republic of Serbia Assembly Mr. Milija Miletic in order to promote investment in the South Serbia. Special guests from Macedonian Ministry of Economy Prof. Dr. Nikolina Trajanovska and the University ‘Cirilo and Metodije’ Prof. Dr. Radmil Polenakovik introduced participants with Macedonian cluster policy and community and announced the leading cluster event in the  SEE, the 7th Balkan and Black Sea conference DAYS OF CLUSTERS at Ohrid Macedonia from 22-24 September 2016. The Days of Clusters is an BBS cluster networking event initiated and led by the Cluster House,

Attachment 1
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25 MARCH 2016

Nis – Serbia

52 Str. Generala Milojka Lesjanina

Cluster House Nis, in partnership with FED Sofia, has pleasure to invite you to participate at the “Balkan Cluster Day” conference.

The mission of the conference is to contribute to the creation of strategic cooperation between clusters and SMEs for sustainable economic development in the region.

The conference “Balkan Cluster Day” will gather cluster actors from the 48 mapped clusters in the cross-border region  – representatives of the public sector, academia and business community in cross-border region Bulgaria / Sofia District and  the South Serbia / Nisava, Pirot, Jablanica and Pcinja Districts. Clusters and Cluster initiatives are from the following areas: agriculture and food processing, tourism, transport and logistic, energy efficiency and renewable energy, creative industry, craftsmen, youth entrepreneurship, construction, urban planning, media, business services, medical services, design and printing, furniture production, textile.

Beside conference participants from the cross-border region BG-SER, we expect special guests – cluster experts from Macedonia, where will be organized the 7th Balkan and Black Sea Cluster Conference “DAYS OF CLUSTERS 2016”, from 22-24 September at Ohrid Lake, as well as participants from other Balkan countries.

The “BALKAN CLUSTER DAY” conference will be opened by Dr. Danka Milojkovic, director of the Global TCI Network Board of Directors Barcelona responsible for cluster networking and development in the SEE and project manager of the Balkan Cluster project. The opening of the conference will be attended by Mr. Milija Miletic, Member of Parliament of the Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and representatives of the General Consulate of the Republic of Bulgaria in Nis.

Participation in the conference is free. For limited number of participants-project beneficiaries from the cross-border region BGSER accommodation and travel costs will be funded. The other conference participants will cover their costs on their own. The number of participants is limited. Participation in the conference can register via e-mail For more information about the conference please do not hesitate to contact the Cluster House Team via phone tel: +381 18 52 06 08, +381 65 8 52 06 08 or e-mail

Registration Form

We look forward to seeing you in Nis with aim to contribute to further networking and cluster development in the Balkans.