About project

The Balkan Cluster Project is co-funded by EU through the Bulgaria-Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme, aiming at creating a platform for collaboration of clusters, SMEs and support institutions in the cross-border region of Bulgaria and Serbia.

The project duration is 12 months. The project activities started in May 2015 and will be implemented by two project partners: the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development, Sofia and the Cluster House, Nis.

Key project activities include: cluster mapping and survey of clusters’ needs; cluster capacity building training through joint workshops and seminars; networking and introduction of EU models of cluster development for creating a better environment for clusters’ and SMEs’ development in Bulgaria and Serbia; drafting of a Strategy for the development of a Balkan clusters networking; promotional and information activities. The development of the project website http://balkancluster.clusterhouse.rs/ will contribute to increasing the efficiency of the exchange of information and knowledge, and the effectiveness of the business networking.

An International conference “Days of Clusters” in Nis and a Closing conference in Sofia will mark the end of the project.

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