More efficient and faster economic development based on the concept of clusters in cross-border regions of Bulgaria and Serbia is seen through the project Balkan Cluster. The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme.

This project implements in partnership Cluster House from Nis and the Foundation for the Development of Entrepreneurship from Sofia and was launched in late April this year with a term of implementation of one year.


As a part of the project implementation a working meeting of partners was held in Nis in the Cluster House project premises, with participation of Dr. Danka Milojkovic, Cluster House Director and Project Manager, Mr. Goran Zlatković, Cluster House Executive Director and Coordinator of cluster development activities on the Project, Ms. Radmila Stefanovic, Finance Assistant on the project and from the Foundation for entrepreneurship Development, Sofia Ms. Galina Karamocheva, Project Manager and Ms. Dotchka Rousseva, Project Coordinator.

In the preparation phase of the project, as agreed, will be realized working meetings and press conferences in Sofia, then roundtable for clusters and associations, press conference and roundtable for the public sector and support institutions in Nis. Joint meeting of project teams with an expert in strategic management is also planned, in order to formulate research methodology and to develop a strategy of cross-border cluster development, a seminar on EU models of clustering for clusters and cluster initiatives in Serbia as well as workshops on the strategy of cross-border clusters cooperation for all participants of the project will be organized in Nis.

Project “Balkan Cluster” will come in the final phase in March next year with the International conference “Day of clusters” which will be held in Nis, followed by big final conference in Sofia.

Furthermore, as agreed by the partner teams, the project will be recorded and TV program “The Balkan Cluster” will be prepared, which will be broadcasted after the conference. In addition, all activities of the Balkan Cluster project will be contained within in the INFOCLUSTER Magazine, in Serbian, Bulgarian and English language, the website will keep track of project activities, the Cluster Map will be published in October and CBC SER-BG Cluster development Strategy will be prepared in February.

Since the project objective is to create a platform for cooperation between clusters, small and medium enterprises, institutions, organizations and all other sectors realistically is to expect substantial progress in cross-border business networking between Bulgaria and Serbia.