Cluster name Naziv              MEDICAL START UP CLUSTER
Address Adresa           Bulevar Nemanjića 67
City Grad               Nis
Telephone No. Br.Telefona     +381 18 516 033, +381 18 231 688
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Internet address Internet adresa:
Contact person Kontakt osoba:        Sladjana Vuckovic
Function within the cluster Funkcija u klasteru: Direktor
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About cluster:
Medical Start up Cluster is a network of private practice companies in the sector of healthcare and associated companies for support and development of clusters (marketing, education, research) established for an indefinite period of time with the aim to support cluster members in the process of strengthening competitiveness capacities, in achieving a profitable position on national and international markets and in promoting concept of entrepreneurship.
Medical Start up Cluster was founded in January 2010 with a support of members who recognized their common development interests. The cluster was established with a technical support from the LEDIB program and today is a member of the Clusters House with more than 50 active members.
Its significance was recognized by the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and in that capacity it is implementing various projects and is achieving solid results.
References / Key Projects:
– Fair of clusters and small and medium enterprises in Niš – co organizers and the organizers of “Bazaar of Health” – lecture on Obesity
– Ministry of Health, support associations, the project “Early detection of prostate disease in men older than 50 years in the city of Nis”, the main partners
– National Agency for Regional Development, support associations, the project “Training for management and staff members Medical Start up the cluster in order to strengthen the capacity of states and the capacity of cluster”
– National Agency for Regional Development, project „Workshop and business mentoring for Medical Start up Cluster management – Topic: Project proposals – local and international funds – strengthen the capacity of cluster“
– „Fair of health“ Nis 2011, 2012 participants
– Joint project with Association of business women Nis „Be Responsible – Invest in Your Health”, supported by LEDIB Programme