Cluster name Naziv              WOMEN ENTREPRENEURHIP CLUSTER “FOR”
Address Adresa           Miloša Obilića bb
City Grad               Gadžin Han
Telephone No. Br.Telefona     +381 18 860 422
E-mail E-mail             udruzenje.za@gmail.com
Internet address Internet adresa:       http://balkancluster.clusterhouse.rs/
Contact person Kontakt osoba:        Dragana Mitić
Function within the cluster Funkcija u klasteru: Cluster Manager
E-mail E-mail                      udruzenje.za@gmail.com
About cluster:

Cluster vision: To influence creating the improved conditions for development of entrepreneurship through its activities, as well as promotion of the position of women and their role in economic development of environment in which they live and work.

Cluster mission: Creation of a strong business network of women who perform their jobs in creative way.

Cluster Strategic objectives: Economic and social empowering of women through development of their own businesses, assistance in promotion of their business interests, creating the database and establishing relations with similar clusters.