Bulgarian Outsourcing Association

Cluster name Naziv              Bulgarian Outsourcing Association
Address Adresa           17 Tsar Assen Str.
City Grad               Sofia
Telephone No. Br.Telefona     +359 2 489 5100
E-mail E-mail             info@outsourcinginbg.com
Internet address Internet adresa:       http://www.outsourcinginbg.com
Contact person Kontakt osoba:        Adriana Popova
Function within the cluster Funkcija u klasteru: Executive Director
About cluster:

Bulgarian Outsourcing Association vision is to make the outsourcing a leading industry in Bulgaria and ensure it is driving growth, respected, trusted, innovative and socially responsible.

The Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BAO) is an independent industry organisation whose objective is to consolidate and represent the interests of the companies offering outsourcing services, to communicate the benefits of outsourcing to a wider public, to boost the competitiveness of the businesses in the sector and create favourable environment to attract foreign investments in the sector.

The association groups companies from all spheres of the outsourcing industry – companies offering services related to BPO, ITO, KPO, LPO, HRO and others.