RESTART Balkan CLUSTER Development

After 5 long years lack of cluster development in the Balkans, the new optimistic time with the ECCP Greece Cluster Matchmaking event comes for the Balkan clusters.

The Cluster House, an exit strategy of the Danish LEDIB Program 2007-2012 and its self-supported tool the BBS ClusNet (2012) with over 170 clusters in the region, have been recognized by the EC as a potential strategic partner in the region.



50 clusters from the Cluster House BBS ClusNet  and the Mediterranean Region were attended the ECCP Greece Cluster Matchmaking event in Thessaloniki from 13-14 September 2017 cluster network, supported by the Unit of Clusters / EC DG Growth.

Synergy of the ECCP, the Cluster House BBS ClusNet and the EEN on the ECCP Greece Cluster Event preparation heavily contribute to the cluster-based Balkan Region EU integration.



The Balkan Mediterranean Clusters Family was together in Greece with the aim to discuss strategic solutions for RESTART the Balkan CLUSTER development. The Balkan clusters need systemic, long term and bottom up support from the EC. The Balkan cluster intermediary organizations (National clusters associations, cluster management organisations, consulting clusters, etc) and clusters are one of powerful drivers for sustainable economic development in the region and in the same time tools which could boost the Balkans to open its sleepy eyes and successfully integrate with the rest part of Europe.

The next Balkan cluster family gathering will be in Bucharest, 22-23 November 2017 and in Sofia in March 2018.