On the initiative of the Wood Cluster Herzegovina “DKH” Mostar, in the cluster consortium in the field of wood industry, ICT, tourism, plastics and metals and with the support of academic and educational and R&D institutions, the first cluster conference in BiH entitled “Clustering as Key to Competitiveness” was held in Mostar from 13th-14th June 2018.

The conference fulfilled the expectations of the organizers and co-organizers based on the structure of participants and diversity of the topics, presentations and active discussions.  Presentations from the Herzegovina cluster workshop, videos and photos are available on the following link:

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Some of the more important conclusions of the conference are that clusters contribute to the competitiveness of the SME sector; that national cluster policy accompanied by an action plan and budget is important for cluster development in BiH; by building the capacity of cluster manager cluster organizations could provide the progress through the recruitment of new members, the internationalization of cluster business and networking. Cluster linking in the Balkans and in Europe is supported by the participants of the conference as it contributes to the development of trade cooperation among cluster members – enterprises and the commercialization of innovations.

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Closing Session of the First Conference Day

The conference marked the ceremonial signing of the Agreement on Cooperation between the Cluster House as a coordinator of the Balkan Black Sea Cluster Network BBS ClusNet and DKH Wood Cluster Hercegovina in support of the mission and formal accession of the cluster “BBS ClusNet”. The BBS ClusNet is the largest collaborative cluster platform in the region that has been formed based on a “bottom-up” approach to cluster development in the Balkans, according to the methodology of the Danish-Serbian Cluster House. It gathers more than 200 clusters in the region in all sectors and from all Balkan countries and about 3000 contacts with actors of cluster development and economic development in the region, Europe and globally.

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Joining the Cluster House Balkan and Black Sea Cluster Network

Mr. Zdravko Vojvodić, president of the DKH Cluster Mostar and owner of the Lignum furniture production company and

Docent Dr. Danka Milojković, director of the Cluster House and member of the Global TCI Network BofD


The organizers of the conference agreed that the first cluster conference in BiH will turn into a traditional business event linking SMEs and institutions through clusters through organization of conferences in the coming years.

The social program of the conference included the tour of the Old Bridge and the Franciscan Church, the historical place Počitelj, the waterfall Kravica and networking dinner at the Bigeste Hotel in Ljubuska. Participants of the conference were able to see and feel the synergy of the activities of the members of the Tourist Cluster Herzegovina.

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Wood Clusters from Hercegovina and Croatia and Serbian Cluster House

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View from the Old Bridge in Mostar

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Old Bridge and the street in Mostar

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The Franciscan church in Mostar

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The Waterfalls Kravice

Representative of the House Cluster Assistant Professor Dr. Danka Milojkovic and Expert for Clusters Ms. Zdenka Mesic from Croatia visited the member of DKH Cluster, the company Lignum ltd. in Mostar, as well as the Cluster Support Center for cluster excellence in the infrastructural sense the house of clusters of Herzegovina given by the City of Mostar for using to the consortium of clusters of Herzegovina.

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Hercegovina House of Clusters

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Lignum ltd. Mostar

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Lignum ltd. Mostar

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Lignum ltd. Mostar

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Conference venue

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Conference venue and Ms. Zdenka Mesic, cluster expert

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Mr. Daniel Cosnita, president of the Romanian Clusters Association ClusteRo and Cluster House Advisory Board member and

Mr. Marijan Kavran, director of the Croatian Wood Cluster

Participants of the Wood Cluster Conference Banja Luka, a member of the Cluster House BBS ClusNet, announced the 10th Jubilee Conference in the field of wood industry “People, Wood and Furniture 2018” in Banja Luka, from 29th-30th June 2018. More information about the conference are available on the web site:

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Wood Cluster from Croatia and Republic of Srpska , Cluster House, on the Old Bridge, in the announcement of the Jubilar 10th Wood Industry Conference in Banja Luka

The overall impression is that BiH, led by clusters in Herzegovina, is moving towards a cluster way of achieving sustainable economic development in BiH in line with the European cluster strategy, which will contribute to more efficient integration of BiH into the EU and keeping of peace in the region.

The Balkan clusters work locally and think globally!